Social Media Marketing

It’s all about Digital to Boost your business!

Social Media mainly including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wechat, Snapchat etc. They are the most popular activity online across the world, the majority of our time is spent with it. In Hong Kong, over 6 million users are active on social media, that makes social media becomes one of the huge farms of digital marketing.

How social media marketing boost your business?

The key point is how to creating content to attract the audience’s attention and encourages them to share it with their network and followers, even purchase those products or services.

To boost your business with social media, you can make good use of nurturing leads, building brands or driving traffic to websites and take advantages of re-targeting skills.

The Key Value of Social Media

It is all about CONTENT! For those contents on Social Media, it is not only about producing content that sells your services or products, but the key is also to show the VALUE of your services or products in order to differentiate you from your competitors.

How to keep good management on Social Media?

It is important to select the proper platform and ways of message delivery to maximize performance. Like and comments are the matters, but Conversion matters are much more important to your business.

Our Social Media Service includes:

  • Setting up your social media accounts
  • Researching your business and determining your target audience
  • Developing a social media strategy including developing apps, competitions, paid ads, and determine the areas of the business you want to promote the most
  • Increase your reach on social media by growing your following (Target audience)
  • We produce and publish content on your social media accounts, then interact with your followers, replying to queries, and marketing your products and boost your brand and business

Social Media Advertising
  • As well as the importance of content management, paid ads on social media can affirmatively generate good results. Social media ads are effective because they can be targeted by the following metrics
  • Identify Your Ultimate Goal (Brand Awareness, Facebook Page Likes, Website Visits, Sign Up or Conversions). Then plan a marketing strategy based on marketing funnel to target different stage users with different messages. And Test out different channels, formats, messages and analyze data in order to optimize
  • Monthly performance evaluation and suggestions
  • We measure the success of your social media marketing and produce detailed reports showing key metrics. The enables you to make better business decisions and enables us to make improvements to the campaign to measure success

Want to chat about Social Media Management?

If you’ve got questions, we want to hear from you. Once you fill out the form below, a member of our strategy team will contact you. Our goal at Lion Rock Digital is to do great work for great partners.


    Traffic Building

    Struggling how to drive traffic to your website ? We are good to create valuable content and track every algorithm to bring you on top of the page.

    Web Development

    Perfect timing to create or upgrade the e-commerce that drive the right traffic, increase your conversion rate and allow you to get more clients.

    Digital Advertising

    We are capable to boost your ads to help you reach your future clients or business goals, maximize your conversion and track your performance.