Digital Advertising

It’s all about Digital to Boost your business!

Creating a steady source of traffic for your website from earned media and search engine queries can be a long process. Digital advertising can provide fast and reliable traffic that will allow your business to scale up quickly.

Nowadays people are on their mobile phone, tablets, PC instead of watching TV, every brand are shifting their marketing budget from offline to online, the world is changing and you need to capture the trend in order to stay in the market. Digital Marketing could be started at a lower budget, more flexible in campaign start and end time while there are a lot of data for you to analysis in order to understand performance and optimize.

Our knowledge of today’s most popular digital advertising platforms and experience with a wide variety of industries allows us to put the right ads in front of the right audience.

At Lion Rock Digital, we make every dollar of your advertising budget count with constant ad monitoring and regular adjustments to ad copy, images, and targeting. 

Digital Advertising that We Provide:
  • Channel advertisements include SEARCH (Google, YouTube, Yahoo!, and Bing) and SOCIAL (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat) to reach your true potential customers
  • Programmatic media buying (video and display)
  • Test out different channels, formats and analyze data
  • KPI setting and optimization to increase ROI
  • Monthly performance evaluation and suggestions

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    Social Media Marketing

    Use social media channels to build a strong following, display your ads to audiences and drive more traffic to your website and acquire new clients.

    Traffic Building

    Struggling how to drive traffic to your website ? We are good to create valuable content and track every algorithm to bring you on top of the page.

    Web Development

    Perfect timing to create or upgrade the e-commerce that drive the right traffic, increase your conversion rate and allow you to get more clients.